Sunday, June 4, 2017

IP Bridge promotes their innovation business

Japanese sovereign IP fund management company, IP Bridge launched a new website dedicated to their "innovation business".

According to the website, their main targets for the innovation business are (a) SMEs which have a stable business with more than JPY 1 billion (approximately $9 million) in sales and don't have an IP department and (b) start-up companies with less than JPY 1 billon in sales. And they provide such clients with the services of (i) license-out support, (ii) outside IP department, and (iii) business support for developing a new business utilizing their intellectual properties and expanding their business outside of Japan.

Regarding this business, it was reported that in August last year IP Bridge and YAEGAKI Sake & Sprits, Inc. with Lactobacillus culture technology had established a joint-venture company for developing personalized supplement which match enteral or intraoral environment of individual customers, and will start the business in Japan and Southeast Asia in autumn this year.

IP Bridge may expect that this new website gets more potential clients, following YAEGAKI, come for the innovation business. However, many of their target companies, i.e. SMEs not having an IP department and start-up companies, are unlikely to take the initiative to contact IP Bridge for building their IP strategy. Therefore, IP Bridge may need to start with IP education for such potential clients. That will cost time and money, but contribute to the national interest. Considering the characteristics of IP Bridge managing the sovereign fund, they may or should take this role.

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