Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Japan's Basic Plan for Science and Technology Will Set Numerical Targets

Japan government will set numerical targets in the 5th stage of Basic Plan for Science and Technology. The basic plan is revised every half-decade, and the 5th stage basic plan indicates the direction of Japanese science and technology in 2016-2020.

The 5th stage basic plan will include 23 numerical targets, for example:
  • Rank order of national universities in the world ranking
  • Number of university ventures
  • Number of IPO for R&D types of ventures
  • Share of products and services in the world market
Also, it will be likely to include the intellectual property (IP) related targets, such as:
  • Number of IPs, technical papers, standards in the area of ICT (information and communication technology)
  • Number of technical papers which are cited in patent documents
The 5th stage basic plan will be developed by December this year.

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