Sunday, October 11, 2015

Japan Ranked 6th in The Global Competitiveness Report 2015-2016

According to The Global Competitiveness Report 2015-2016 published by World Economic Forum on Sep. 30, Japan is ranked as 6th competitive country among 140 countries, same as last year. The scores of Innovation and sophistication factors are very nice, especially in which the score of local supplier quantity and quality, nature of competitive advantage, etc. are ranked 1st. From a perspective of intellectual property, the number of application filed under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) per million population is also ranked 1st.

On the other hand, the scores of macro economic environment, such as government budget balance (132nd) and debt (140th) as a percentage of GDP are very bad. It seems difficult to improve these scores for the time being, considering policies of current government.

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