Sunday, September 27, 2015

Tokyo Walker v. Tokkyo Walker !?

Japan Patent Office (JPO) started to publish a public relations magazine to raise awareness of intellectual properties this year, and its Vol. 2 has become available on September 25.  The Vol. 2 features "Development of Region".

The title of the magazine is "Tokkyo Walker".  "Tokkyo" is the pronunciation of the Japanese word meaning "patent".  This title made me think of a famous town magazine "Tokyo Walker" published by KADOKAWA.  Only a single "k" of "Tokkyo" is outline character, and thus the JPO magazine obviously suggests the KADOKAWA's magazine.   Since the courts of Japan are intolerance in parody,  the court is likely to support KADOKAWA in the event of a dispute.

For this case, KADOKAWA is involved in producing and editing the JPO magazines.  So, we don't need to worry much about this.

The "Tokkyo Walker" is available on the JPO website.

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