Monday, October 9, 2017

SoftBank enters technology transfer & scouting business

On October 4 2017, SoftBank Corp. announced that it signed a partnership agreement with Wellspring Worldwide Inc. to enter technology transfer and technology scouting business.

Wellspring is a Chicago-based solution provider for technology transfer, technology scouting, and intellectual property management. In partnership with Wellspring, SoftBank begins selling Wellspring's integrated management system 'Sophia' for academic institutions and 'Wellspring' for enterprises in Japan from November 2017. The users of 'Sophia' and 'Wellspring' can find technologies or intellectual properties, and transfer or license them through the use of 'Flintbox' which is an innovation marketplace provided by Wellspring. SoftBank can sell the Wellspring's system only in Japan. However, the customers in Japan must be able to approach overseas universities and companies through Flintbox.

In Japan, increasing companies have an interest in technology transfer or business matching business, as introduced in the previous article. Now SoftBank enters this business. It's interesting to see how SoftBank develops it.

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