Saturday, May 13, 2017

JPO Releases Action Plan for AI-based Operations

Recently, many people are worrying that their jobs may be replaced by AI or robot in the future. The JPO examiners may be not the exception.
On April 27th, the Japan Patent Office released their activities in 2016 and action plan for the use of AI in the JPO.

In 2016, the JPO demonstrated the usefulness of the AI-based telephone answering system. The percentage that a correct answer is included in the top five candidates presented by the system for a question has reached 80%. In 2017, the JPO will expand the coverage and improve the accuracy, intending to provide trial or full-scale introduction within approximately two or three years.

The status of other major operations are as follows.

Research and development phase
The JPO will consider the cost effectiveness and the pros and cons of introduction over three years for the following operations.

  • Designation of patent classification
  • Patent prior art search
  • Designation of design classification

No research and development case found yet
The JPO will pay close attention to the progress of AI technology and continue to discuss for the following operations.

  • Understanding and finding of a claimed invention
  • Decision  on whether to grant or reject a patent application
  • Prior design search
  • Decision on whether to grant or reject a design application
  • Trademark examination

Considering the status above, it will take some time to start AI-based operations in the JPO. When I visited a Chinese company in Beijing in April, they gave me a quick demo of a design search system which culls similar designs from a database. The SIPO may start AI-based operation ahead of the JPO, at least in prior design search.  

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  1. When can we expect AI Examiners ? Dont we need to prepare AI prosecutors ?