Saturday, March 19, 2016

Book Scanning Service Provider Lost Copyright Lawsuit

I personally feel that such services should be tolerated and publishers should accelerate digitalization of books to eliminate root cause of such a dispute.

On March 16, the Supreme court of Japan rejected the service providers appeal against the IP high courts decision that a service of scanning books or magazines into digital form for customers who purchased them infringed copyright and granted an injunction and awarded damages.

The IP high court rejected the service providers argument in October 2014 that they just assisted their customers private copying which is allowed under the Copyright Act and the copying entity was a customer.

I dont think that scanning a book, which a consumer purchased, for the consumers private use cause damage to authors and publishers, even when a third party performs scanning on behalf of the consumer. There are many consumers who want e-books, and e-book system can control selling and lending used e-books. So, publishers should sell e-books more actively.

Instead, public libraries which loan even newly-published books at no charge must cause more serious damages to authors and publishers. Im aware of the rising popularity of libraries.

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