Tuesday, October 27, 2015

JPO Unveiled The New Types of Trademarks Accepted

In Japan, new types of trademarks, i.e. Sound marks, Moving marks, Position marks, Hologram marks, and Color marks, have become available for registration since this April. JPO (Japan Patent Office) has unveiled today the new types of trademarks which were accepted.

List of Accepted New Types of Trademarks

JPO have received more than 1,000 trademark applications for the new types of trademarks until today, and accepted 43 trademarks (21 for sound mark; 16 for moving marks; 5 for position marks; 1 for hologram marks; 0 for color marks). Any color marks have not been accepted yet. A single color marks could be difficult to accept, but some combination of colors could be accepted by limiting the scope of goods or services. What color mark will be accepted first? Stay tuned!

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